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Dental Hygienists

Kimberley Van Mil - BOH (Auckland) - RDH


Kimberley enjoyed working as a dental assistant in Wellington for three years before heading to Auckland to complete her degree in oral health. Graduating in 2016, with the Hu-Friedy Golden Scaler award for her excellence in dental hygiene skills.

Kimberley is passionate about educating and supporting patients and their families through the oral care process. She believes that working together through encouragement and motivation, patients can achieve optimal oral health. Kimberley has a bubbly personality with a down to earth attitude, ensuring that patients feel relaxed and at ease. 

In her down time she likes to make the most of Wellington's many walking tracks and views. She also enjoys attending Wellington's art galleries, markets and festivals.


Azin Asghari - BOH (Otago) - RDH

Amanda Watkins - BOH (Otago) - RDH

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